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The Herd | Community Membership

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Welcome to The Herd, our diverse community of founders and investors at Bison Venture Partners! You can sign up for a free account here.

According to Morgan Stanley, "Investors report capitalizing multicultural and women-owned businesses at 80% less than businesses overall." This lack of investment represents a missed opportunity of $4.4 Trillion.

We’re Disrupting The Trillion Dollar Blind Spot

Because a more equitable economy for multicultural entrepreneurs would create a more dynamic and resilient economy for all.

Our Framework

New Businesses, High Quality Jobs, & Ownership Opportunities

Access to Capital, Technology Adoption, & Strategic Partnerships

Community Rounds, Angel Syndicates, Venture Capital

We've launched new membership tiers to build deeper relationships with you as we build wealth together. For the holiday weekend, we're offering 50% off on each membership (use code "UNICORNS" at checkout).

Learn more about each tier below!

Venture Partners ($99/year)

  • Access weekly live shows, recordings, and a private community chat.
  • Venture Partners also help us find interesting new investment opportunities by serving as "Deal Scouts."

Angel Investors ($299/year)

  • Access weekly live shows, all recordings, basic courses, book club meetings and a private community chat.
  • *As a special thank you, each of our existing Wefunder investors will gain access to this membership tier for no additional fee! :)

(un)Limited Partners ($1,999/year)

  • Access weekly live shows, all recordings, basic & deep dive courses, book club meetings, a private community chat, & monthly masterminds with in-depth deal analysis.
  • This is the best deal for anyone looking to break into angel investing and venture capital without having to do it alone. Similar to Limited Partners in a traditional venture firm, our (un)Limited Partners see the unique value of investing with a team committed to sourcing and analyzing the very best opportunities for wealth creation. Although this isn't a direct investment in our company, you'll get to see the same deals we do and decide for yourself if you'd like to participate as well.

We didn't want to do a gimmicky Black Friday sale, but we did want to make an exclusive offer for those who are serious about learning & investing alongside a diverse community of wealth-builders.

The first set of courses launch this weekend, and I'll personally be hosting the first live Mastermind on December 5th. Be sure to lock in your membership at the discounted price while you can!

Join today, and use code "UNICORNS" for 50% off!

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